Welcome to our online neurological assessment platform featuring the implementation of the "Glasgow Coma Scale." This tool is crucial for measuring an individual's neurological status, providing a score based on eye opening, motor response, and verbal response.


Usage Instructions:



Eye Opening (1-4):

Enter the corresponding score based on the patient's response:

1: No opening

2: Response to pain

3: Response to verbal stimuli

4: Spontaneous

Use this scale to assess the patient's reaction to various visual stimuli.


Motor Response (1-6):

Input the score that best describes the patient's motor response:

1: No response

2: Abnormal

3: Extension

4: Withdrawal

5: Localized

6: Obedient

Evaluate the patient's ability to respond to physical stimuli.


Verbal Response (1-5):

Enter the score reflecting the patient's verbal response:

1: No response

2: Incomprehensible

3: Inappropriate

4: Confused

5: Oriented

Evaluate the patient's ability to communicate verbally.



Interpretation of Results:


The total score on the Glasgow Coma Scale is calculated by summing the scores of each component.

3-8 points: Indicates a state of severe coma.

9-12 points: Suggests a moderate neurological injury.

13-15 points: Indicates a mild injury or a normal neurological state.

This interactive form will enable you to conduct accurate assessments and enhance understanding of the neurological status of patients quickly and efficiently. Explore the possibilities of our tool and contribute to neurological health care!


Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale

1: No opening, 2: Response to pain, 3: Response to verbal stimuli, 4: Spontaneous 1: No response, 2: Abnormal, 3: Extension, 4: Withdrawal, 5: Localized, 6: Obedient 1: No response, 2: Incomprehensible, 3: Inappropriate, 4: Confused, 5: Oriented

Score References:

Total score on the Glasgow Coma Scale: ---


  • 3-8: Severe coma.
  • 9-12: Moderate injury.
  • 13-15: Mild injury or normal.